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Application Procedure

The first and foremost thing prior to applying any University is filling up the application. Essentially, proper and complete filling of application is a prerequisite for getting an admission into a university. If it is not properly filled, this could lead to loss of time and money and eventually it could be a hindrance to your process. It is necessary to work out the application procedure sequentially. Few aspects need to be considered in application procedure.

Choice of program:

Every student should have an idea of choosing a right program before applying to a college. Selection of a suitable program is a basic element. Universities provide different specializations in various fields. Under a single roof, they provide multiple specialties, majors etc. to apply for. For instance, Computer Science is a broad field where one could opt for either 'Artificial Intelligence' or 'Robotics'. Besides Computer Science, MBA program is a huge field with specializations such as Non-profit, 'Industrial', 'Pharmaceutical Management' Hospitality, Hospital and several other diversified courses. Thus, selection of a proper specialization is a key role to head in a right pathway.

Choice of University:

Selection of a right university overseas is extremely strenuous. Universities abroad offer a multiplicity of courses. Every university has its uniqueness in program, course and curriculum. Different universities with same program can differ in their curriculum, course material etc. Therefore, choosing right college is decisive to study abroad. Instead of working on more number of universities, it is always better to work in detail on 3-4 selected universities. The parameters a student should look while selecting a university is the program, type of university, level of funding etc.

What is the right time to apply:

Semester system is adopted in universities abroad and admissions are open once in every four and half months or twice a year. The deadlines for applications vary from one program, to another. Application deadlines are crucial for international applicants as documentation such as filling application, SEVIS procedures etc. is time dependent. Domestic students can apply 60 days to one week before commencement of a semester. Applicants with financial aid requirement should apply at the earliest.

Modes of application:

Application procedure in some universities is by online and others by paper-based application. Few universities offer financial aid, fee waiver, assistantships etc. irrespective of the application type, documents such as SOPs, test scores, transcripts, recommendations, and bank statements to be provided are almost the same to any university. Based on the deadline and application type for that university, one can choose application to be processed. Applying online is faster and economical but tedious. Fee payment for online application is by international credit card. Paper based applications looks unsightly if there are any changes or mistakes.

Factors involved in selecting a right university:

Universities are sized up into large and small. Large universities have benefits such as wide range of courses, experienced faculty. Learning methodologies also differ from one university to another. Few universities have class room based learning while some universities prefer research oriented learning. These are few factors to be considered for selection of suitable university.

Time required for a Bachelors and Masters Degree application to be processed is around six months to one year. This duration exceeds in case of Doctoral level application. To meet the basic criteria of university requirements, procedures, deadlines etc, one should plan in an organized way. Financial aspect is very important factor for consideration. Cost of application fee for 3-4 universities is approximately Rs. 25, 000 -30, 000 that include mailing expenses, application fee and documentation.

Finally!!! A student who is more focused and confident on career planning sometimes go wrong and make some wrong decisions in selecting the universities and the majors which ruins his/her career. Our team in Fly High will consider everything in student’s prospective and recommend a right pathway to prospective and aspiring student.