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Application Process

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The application process involves following procedures.

Right time to start:

Applying for US universities needs much documentation related to academics, recommendation letters, statement of purpose, financial documents to mention few. It is very reasonable to kick start the application process at least 3 months before the university’s deadlines.

Source of application forms:

Application forms are available online in university websites and can be obtained a hard copy of it upon request. Most of the universities now-a-days prefer electronic submissions. Students while taking GRE tests are allowed to select their preferred universities to apply. If the student meets the minimum eligibility, the university sends application form to the student. This is a time taking process.

Filling up application form:

Filling the application form is very crucial for further documentation. Utmost care should be taken while filling it. The following are some of the considerations while filling a correct application form.


Filling the form directly on original application form is never recommended. It is always better to fill the form first on photocopy and then on the original copy after ensuring everything right.

2. Writing your name

This is very confusing for the Indian students who follow different conventions in naming the first and last names. The name given to a person is usually called as first name. The so called surname is to be written as last name in filling the US application forms.

Documents to be submitted to the university/college you wish to apply to:-

1.Academic Transcripts

A student’s academic transcripts from 10th class to till date transcripts are to be submitted. 10th class and intermediate certificates are duly attested by the head of the institution but need not be placed in sealed envelope which is usually done for undergraduate and graduate transcripts. The undergraduate certificates along with convocation certificates and provisional certificates must be sealed in an envelope, with seal and signature on the flap of it.

2. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

This is an important document based on which the admission is granted. Most of the students will be in misconception and use a default template. The contents of an SOP should necessarily state the student passion for choosing a particular graduate program. It should also include the education back ground, career goals, rationale for choosing a particular graduate program in a respective university.

3. Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters are used to gather additional information about a candidate for employment, graduate study or other opportunity at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level. Recommendations play a key role within the decision-making process. Although it can vary, generally, you will be asked for three letters. If you need a recommendation letter to supplement your business school application, you will need to get real letters that are proven to work for business school applicants.

The letters should be submitted by instructors in a discipline related to your proposed field of study who are in a position to analyze your abilities and academic promise.

4. Bank Statement

Financial/bank statement is a document that indicates the current available funds which covers the education in US in savings account with a student (or the sponsor) in a bank. The bank statement on its official letterhead duly attested by bank manager should clearly mention the available funds in terms of INR and the country’s currency where the student is applying.

Every student who wish to apply for graduate program in US universities need to enclose the financial document during the application process. The original bank statement showing adequate funds to cover at least a year tuition and living expenses are to be mentioned in it. Depending upon the availability of funds a student has, It is preferable to mention the amount which covers full tuition for the course. This avoids the student to get new bank statements yearly.

Some universities need the Financial Statement filled, in the application itself. If it is indicated as mandatory, you need to get that form appropriately filled by the Bank.

5. Affidavit of Support on Rs.20 Non Judicial Stamp Paper

Affidavit of support or letter of undertaking is an official document mentioning the sponsor’s financial support to the student education. This has to be mentioned on Rs.20/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper, in a prescribed format. This document has to be signed by the sponsor, properly witnessed and attested by Notary public. This document has to be submitted to every university a student is applying for admission.

6.Application fee:

Application fee in US $ (or that country’s currency) as required by university.

7. Covering letter:

Covering letter is optional and need not to be submitted usually. This letter serves like an explanatory document when a student does not have a chance to explain. However, in special cases like late reporting of test scores and explaining about delayed graduation process has to include a covering letter.