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Documentation for Securing Admission:

Application process is a combination of filling many forms, attaching suitable documents and involves a lot of paperwork. This process is time stipulated. For a suitable and successful admission, your application process is a limiting step. Without a proper guidance and focused ideas about career planning, a student cannot start this process of application. Thus, delayed or fill outs the application leads to delayed admission and sometimes rejections of admission. Here, in fly high, we have counselors, academic advisors having exposure to US based education system who can better assist in your application process considering your credentials.

Documentation for applying VISA:

Obtaining an I-20 from a preferred university is the first step of success for a student who aspires to study in the USA. After securing the I-20, the actual process of VISA begins where the student has to gather many documents, fill DS forms, schedule the appointment. Our fly high team works very interactively with the students making them to face the visa interview with ease and confidence without which a student cannot obtain a visa.

Here in fly high, we frequently update the recent changes in any of the visa or immigration process and council the students accordingly.