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A statement of purpose is a document which should state the purpose of study in a respective university and career goals of an aspiring student. It should also mention a student’s academic passion and state briefly about his/her research interest. It serves as an important document for the university officials to decide on granting admission.

The general structure of an SOP is almost same for applying at undergraduate or graduate level except for few considerations. A simple document mentioning academic background, career goals are usually enough for the Undergraduate Admissions. But, for the admission at graduate level, the student should mention very particularly, the rationale for choosing a particular program in that particular university. It should also contain brief information about his/her research experience and it is highly recommended to include the interesting research areas in which he/she wants to work in near future. Length of the SOP should not exceed two pages.

Depending upon the program/university, the number of SOP to be submitted varies. For example, to apply for MBA program in a B school, multiple SOPs are need which is unlikely for applying other programs.

We, at Fly high consultancy guide the students in preparing their SOP considering the student’s ability, academics and relevant experience and make a student’s SOP considered by the university officials for granting admission.