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University Selection

There are number of universities around the globe, which offer admissions to students, but selection of university plays an important role in future prospects. Picking a university is a big decision, even if you know which subject you want to study. To be honest this is the most sensitive and critical issue where the student needs to be careful in selecting a university.

Here are some things to bear in mind before making your final choice:

• Cost of study at the University
• Availability of financial assistance
• Availability of interested field of specialization
• Current employment chances
• Cost of living. Remember that the cost of living will be higher in large cities, which may affect your budget significantly.
• The prospects of further education
• What sort of accreditation does the university have
• Flexibility of transferring to other courses or programs within and outside the university Student to staff ratio
• Faculty of the University
• How big is the university itself, and how many students attend?
• The geography of the university

At what stage you need us:

It is obvious that we tend to choose the more attractive university websites creating the hype of best institutions for study. In real sense this can be disguising as we only come to know this after getting deceived. So, we might be of help for the student friends in assessing the acuity of the university profile matching your interests. One has to believe the notion “prevention is always better than cure” as it means selecting a right university is always better rather than regretting post joining a low profile university.

At Fly High Consultants we search the best universities on your behalf. We will discuss the future options if found admission. We evaluate, test, reconfirm, so you don’t make a wrong move. We work in favor of our students as we always remember our past where we were students once. We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules. Our professional expertise will assist you in finding clues for "what's next"?