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UK is known for its rich heritage and as a Home for World’s Top Notch Universities. Its Geographical Proximity and Connectivity to the Other nations in Europe make it a dream spot to study and explore career opportunities throughout the Europe. International Students studying in UK enjoy its excellent railroad and air connectivity.

Education System in UK is highly regulated by British Government. British Accreditation Council accredits Public Universities and Colleges based on their compliance with Standards Set forth by the Council. Independent and Autonomous Private colleges voluntarily get accredited from the British Accreditation Council. Some Academic programs are taught while Certain programs need research work. Small size class rooms and Interactive Sessions inculcate Zeal and Confidence to students.

It is against the law for Educational Institutions to grant Degrees and Certifications without Proper authorization, hence It is mandatory to obtain a authorization from governing bodies like Department of Education and skills or legislative bodies like Parliament or Royal Charter. These measures from the Government assures International and Domestic Students with Impeccable Academic Standards and State of the art facilities. Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education's Furnishes all its codes of practice, norms, requirements in its website

Some Professional programs like Engineering, law, accounting, medicine and dentistry are regulated and monitored by independent government bodies dedicated to those professions. Degrees and Certifications In UK are designed to be intensive and concise. No wonder they are Shorter compared to their peer programs in Other Countries, hence the Student enjoys early completion of the program and good save on his/her finances and time. Usually a Bachelors degree takes 3 years and a master’s degree generally takes a year to complete. Bachelor’s degree Admissions are determined based on Students English language skills while Masters program admissions are based on Students performance in relevant Bachelors degree.

The distinct advantage that the UK education system is that the duration of most of the undergraduate honors degrees is 3 years and the taught Masters courses is 1 year. Due to the shorter duration students will be able to save on both tuition fees and living costs and also get a head start on working life as they will graduate earlier.

Eligibility rules to be met for Admissions in Various levels are as follows:

• Diploma/Associates Degree: 12 years of education
• Bachelors: 12 Years of education
• Masters: 15 years of Education

Tuition fee alters depending on the University. Some Top business Schools can cost around 20000 GBP In tuition for a year. Bachelors Programs Usually Cost around 7,000-8000 GBP for Arts, 8,000-9,000 GBP for Sciences and between 7,000 and 18,000 for clinical programs.
Living expenses range around £9000-9500 per annum in cities like London and some areas in South east UK, where as expenses marginally decrease elsewhere in the country. Some Universities Offer to cover accommodation and food in the tuition.
Most International students on average require £600 for living expenses in non-metro areas and students residing in metro areas will be needing £900 to meet their monthly living expenses on average. These monthly expenses might change depending on your lifestyle and Circumstances.

Aspiring International applicants to UK educational institutions are required to have 40 points according to Immigration rules, where 30 points account for having a valid acceptance to study from a TIER 4 sponsor and other 10 points account for having enough money to cover students living and educational costs.

Students are required to take English language tests like GRE,TOEFL OR IELTS. Although GRE is not mandatory, it can be still considered as an option.

A UK qualification/Certification is recognized and respected globally. There are over 600,000 international students from various countries studying in UK, Upon graduation these students move on to successful careers by virtue of their degree/qualification.