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United States is located in continent of North America. It is a vast country with 48 Contiguous states and two non-contiguous states the state of Hawaii and state of Alaska. United States of America is known for its best democracy and country which attracts and adores the talents from all parts of the world.

The Country has around 4000 Colleges and Universities (Public and Private) and home of many world renowned Universities and colleges. It is also a home to the American dream, where your dream is in your hands.

United States also has many Territories most of them islands in the pacific and Caribbean sea. Country is rich in heritage and natural resources. It is a leader in Science and Technology, hence students with degrees from USA universities and Colleges gets access to quality education and State of the art facilities. The probability of securing a job is high as the country supply and demand for is always growing .

Accreditation plays a major role in choosing a institution for your education, it accreditation assures a well designed course curriculum, State of the art facilities. Since United States is a vast country, the accreditation authority body is divided in to six regional bodies USA Midwestern, North Central, Northwestern, Southern, Western and Northeast. There are also other Accrediting bodies consigned to other specialized programs biblical studies, some branches of technology etc.

Admission process is usually smooth and present to international students without any profiling or hackles. This is the reason US has become an international destination for education. There is also a provision of granting conditional admission to students who are in their third year undergraduate programs to grad schools in USA. The Student with such an admission has to met the conditions set forth like completing pursuing undergraduate program and completing the English language skills tests such as GRE, TOEFL and IELTS.

Admission Criteria for Masters program are as follows.

1.16 years of prior education, 15 Years may also be considered by some schools.

2. Pass the English language proficiency and General aptitude tests like TOEFL and GRE.

3. Work Experience, if a candidate is aspiring for admissions in some business schools which may or may not require a prior work experience.

The intake seasons for domestic and international students in USA falls under four seasons Summer(April-May),Fall(August-September),Winter(December),Spring(Febrauary) .
Procedure for applying Visa to united states is hassle free and easy. For student visa the procedure starts with paying a SEVIS fee. SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) program and it requires schools and exchange programs to verify the enrolment status of all continuing and new foreign students and exchange visitors. However the visa cannot be issued until student SEVIS fee has been paid. All applicants applying with I-20 forms are required to provide the SEVIS I-901 fee receipt as proof of payment. Log on to for further details.

To confirm a visa interview appointment online, students need to pay the following fees and obtain a Visa Fee Receipt from concern Banks. When going to Banks, students must carry a photocopy of the 1st page of their passport and also the receipt of the payment. Then schedule an appointment for visa.